Hebron Ave.

Glastonbury, CT

Located in the center of Glastonbury immediately off of Rt. 2

Office Space for Complementary Professionals

Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Lenders, and Financial Advisors



— Space Available —

6,500 sq feet second floor
3,000 sq feet first floor

— COVID-Safe Office Space —

The HVAC system at 340 Hebron Ave cleans the air using MERV 13 filters that catch approximately 97% of particles over 3 microns in size like those of the COVID-19 virus droplets.

Many Class A buildings use HVAC systems that clean the air to an extent. According to the CDC respiratory droplets thought to spread COVID-19 virus are 5-10 micron in size. MERV-13 filters catch 97% of particles of that size.

Great Space –

Ideal Location 

Designs: 1,500 sq ft – 6,500 sq ft.

340 Hebron Ave.

Interior Buildout

— Move in Spring 2021 —




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